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Hi, I'm Claudia and I'm a mother of five beautiful children! My dream is to obtain legal immigration status and be reunited with my family.


A few years ago I was a victim of domestic violence, I suffered physical and verbal abuse from the person who was my partner. I went through very difficult times, I felt that I could not live anymore, but my children have been the strength to always move forward. I am currently in charge of all my children, 3 of them live with me here in the United States and the other 2 live in Guatemala.


Unfortunately since the pandemic in 2020 I lost my job and because I don't have documents I haven't been able to get another one in decent conditions. As a victim of a violent crime and for cooperating with the authorities, I can apply for a visa that changes my story and that of my family. I do not have the financial resources to cover the expenses but thanks to Mil Mujeres I will be able to start my case, they will already finance a large part of my process and I only need to raise $1000 to finish fulfilling my dream. Thanks for your help!


With our donation campaign and with your help we support more people who have not been able to apply for their immigration benefit

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Mil Mujeres has an internship and volunteer program available to graduates and undergraduates.

Interns and volunteers will be able to assist our clients and have direct contact with the community. They will also have the opportunity to interact with different law enforcement, immigration agencies and attorneys.



Our organization appreciates the generosity of caring individuals. Every contribution strengthens Mil Mujeres as an organization and its impact on the Latino community. As you make your contribution, please do not hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions.



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