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Domestic Violence: VAWA visa

The VAWA visa provides the opportunity for women and men who have been victims of domestic violence to cancel the deportation process or obtain their legal permanent residence. The requirements of the VAWA visa are the following: proof of your identity and legal status, information on the legal situation of the abuser, proof of the relationship and marriage in good faith with the abuser, proof of residence and cohabitation with the abuser. abuser, proof of good moral character, and evidence of abuse or extreme cruelty. The applicant has 2 years after separation from the abuser to self-petition, apply for himself, the VAWA visa.

When the self-petition is made, information about the immigration status of the person requesting must be given, this can be done through the birth certificates of the victim and their children, driver's licenses, passports of the victim and their children, or any correspondence that the Citizenship and Immigration Service has sent you. The VAWA visa applicant is also required to verify the legal status of the abuser, this can be done through their birth certificate, permanent residence card, United States passport, naturalization certificate, and declarations are also accepted. juries of people who know the legal status of the abuser.

It is very important for this visa that it is proven that the marriage or relationship was made in good faith. The proofs that are accepted for this requirement are: marriage certificates, birth certificates of the children they have together, photos of the wedding, photos of vacations and of their daily life, statements of friends and neighbors, wills or life insurance that joint ownership documents, evidence of major purchases they made together, and letters from their employer indicating that their last name was changed or that they added their partner as a contact or their insurance were drawn up together. Part of this requirement also includes proof of cohabitation with the abuser and that they lived in the United States. Acceptable vouchers are title deeds, mortgages, or leases in both names, rent receipts, joint tax returns, utility bills such as electricity, water, or sewer, card and doctor bills, bank accounts in common, mail addressed to both people, and statements from people who know that the victim and the abuser lived together.

The VAWA visa requires the applicant to prove his good moral character through letters of no criminal record from all places where he has lived for more than 6 months in the last 3 years or affidavits where an effort was made to obtain the letters, background checks by the FBI, letters from your pastor, family, friends, and acknowledgments or certificates of appreciation.

Finally, proof of the abuse or / and extreme cruelty suffered at the hands of the abuser must be presented. Police reports are not required and neither is it physical abuse or sexual assault. If you have police reports or restraining or protection orders against the abuser they serve to prove the abuse, but you can also provide photographs of bruises or injuries, medical records, reports from the child protection service (CPS). For extreme cruelty and abuse in general, affidavits from friends, family, neighbors and witnesses, letters from the shelter or support centers, and psychological evaluations can be provided.

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