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How Undocumented Individuals Can Get Bank Accounts

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Did you know that some banks will allow undocumented indivieuals to get a bank account without using a Social Security number (SSN)? However, banks must still collect personal information to open a bank account.

The first thing an individual must provide is their name and date of birth. If you’re undocumented, you can provide this information by shraing an uexpired passport, government-issued driver’s license, consular ID, or birth certificate.

The second thing an individual must provide is a proof of address. To provide a proof of address, an undocumented individual may provide a utility bill, lease, current driver’s license or muncipal ID.

The last step in providing information to open a bank account is to provide an identification number by either sharing your Social Security Number (SSN), ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number), alien identification card number, or some other type of government-issued document that identifies the individual’s nationality or residence.

In addition to what is listed above, some other banks and credit unions may need additional documents to open a bank account.

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