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Immigration Reform

What is Immigration Reform?

Immigration Reform is to modify or attempt to modify the current immigration policies in the United States of America. This fight to reform can go two ways. The first way Immigration Reform can go is the attempt of creating a path to citizenship for those immigrants who arrived and stayed in the country illegally. The second way Immigration Reform can go is the attempt to toughen immigration laws because some people believe the system is too lenient.

Benefits of Immigration Reform

  • Can increase national security

  • Can reduce the deficit by $135 billion

  • Enables entrepreneurs to come to the U.S

  • Increases the efficiency of the U.S economy

News on Immigration Reform

Democrats believe that “Immigration reform has long been elusive in Congress. Democrats may have a workaround.” Democrats’ goal is to push through and legalize millions of undocumented immigrants even if it means doing it alone. Their plan is to include a proposal in their 2022 budget reconciliation package, which means that it can be passed with majority of Congress and absolutely no votes from Republicans will be needed. One thing to keep in mind is that Democrats are in hope to provide a path to citizenship to “several key groups” like


  • People with Temporary Protected Status

  • Form of humanitarian protection like citizen of countries suffering from natural disasters

  • Farm workers and other essential workers

Adding on, Florida Mayors also joined a nationwide call to pass Immigration Form. They quote that “It’s time for Congress to act”. With this in mind, about 80 mayors from around the country have signed a letter urging Congress to provide a path to citizenship for Dreamers and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders and other immigrants. Of those 80 mayors who signed about 12 of them are from Florida. Just like the Democrats, these mayors are pushing Congress to use the budget reconciliation package to process Immigration Reform. The question now is will they?

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