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Mental Health Resources
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There are many reasons for which individuals immigrate to the United States such as war, poverty, or the search for work and schooling opportunities. Experiences that immigrants face can cause an impact on their mental health. Therefore, there are resources that may be beneficial for immigrants that have experienced hardships and trauma.

Unfortunately, there are barriers for immigrants to receive proper mental health resources. Barriers include high costs for services, lack of insurance, and language inaccessibility.

Even though there are barriers for immigrants to receive social support, there are still resources

that can provide them with the help they need.

● The Coalition for Immigrant Mental Health has a list of services offered in Spanish and English that includes the costs associated with the services. There are also crisis hotline numbers available.

● The National Center for Youth Law provides resources for youth immigrants, families, and educators on trauma-informed approaches.

● Inclusive Therapists is a resource for immigrants in search of psychotherapy needs that address discrimination, racism, and oppression.

For more information on mental health resources for immigrants in the United States, please visit

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