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Migration Protection Protocols

The Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), is a program that was created under the Trump Administration in 2018 and was officially implemented in January of 2019. The MPP is also commonly referred to as the “Remain in Mexico” program. After pausing the program during the pandemic, the Biden Administration started the program once again in December of 2021.

The MPP states that people arriving at the southern border asking for asylum are given a notice to appear in immigration court at a later date. Thus, these individuals are sent back to Mexico until they need to appear at immigration court during a specific date and time.

Unfortunately, the MPP has not been fair in providing due process to immigrants. That means that under the MPP, immigrants have not always been respected with their legal rights as individuals.

The MPP has made it difficult for immigrants to seek asylum due to its lack of legal support and danger faced in border towns. Additionally, asylum is not commonly granted under the MPP. In 2020, out of the 42,012 MPP cases only 512 were granted the opportunity to attend immigration court.

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