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Our second annual national event in Washington, DC!

As part of the efforts to empower the community, on October 21, 2022, Mil Mujeres will celebrate its second annual national event, Miracles of the Purple Heart, along with the celebration of 15 years as an organization.

The event is intended to be held in the city of Washington D.C for the first time. We celebrate the stories of the survivors, the 15 years as an organization helping so many people, and for the first time we will seek to raise funds for victims who have not been able to start their process due to lack of financial resources.

In the month of the fight against domestic violence, we invite you to share with our staff, social leaders, the media and survivors of violent crimes that they will be recognized for their courage in overcoming the different situations they had to go through. In addition, we will have many surprises for all attendees and the purpose of raising funds to donate to victims who have not yet been able to access their immigration benefit.

To date, many have already joined! Thanks to all the people and organizations that have joined to support our Great Event. Thanks to those who are part of our official sponsors, our event is gaining more and more strength and we are getting closer to making it a reality and being able to support and help the Latino community that has been the victim of a violent crime.

Remember that if you also want to be part, you're still on time. The people or organizations that decide to join the good causes are recognized for their altruistic and selfless support for those who need it most. Those who decide to join as official sponsors will receive these benefits:

  • Logo as sponsor in invitation, call and promotion of the event.

  • 4 publications per month on the social networks of Mil Mujeres 2022 with its logo and label

  • 8 stories on social networks per month, of the event with the sponsor's logo

  • 2 publications per month in our weekly Email Marketing newsletter

  • Presence at the event with a stand and the organization's logo

  • Logo in Video recap event

  • Invitation to our Facebook Live (interview)

If you have more questions or want more information, you can contact the email or call us at 202 743 3124.

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