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Created in 2000 on behalf of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, T-visas (also referred to as T nonimmigrant status), are geared toward individuals that have been victims of human trafficking. The T-visas help immigrant victims and their families to be relieved from immigration repercussions.

Under T-visas, victims that are willing to help law enforcement officials and intelligence in an investigation regarding human trafficking, their is immigration relief for them and their family. If a T-visa is granted to a victim, they may be eligible to work legally in the U.S. or begin the process of citizenship.

However, there are some aspects of the T-visa process that are not as accessible and equitable for victims applying for the T-visa. For example, the process includes the retelling of the victim’s trauma multiple times through the immigration attorney, law enforcement and follow-up procedures. Additionally, the application for a T-visa is only in English. This creates a language barrier for victims that are not familiar with the English language and are unfamiliar with legal terms. Furthermore, processing a T-visa can take between 18-29 months. During the processing of the T-visa, the victim is not allowed to work legally in the U.S., meaning that the victim is not able to generate money to pay for basic living costs or even the T-visa application itself.

Mil Mujeres provides help to those applying for a T-visa. For more information, please email or call (202) 808-3311

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