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The Differences between a U-Visa and a Green Card

The Federal Immigration Law in the United States is based on the determination of an immigrant to obtain citizenship or residence within the U.S. So that an immigrant can obtain rights, duties, and benefits as a U.S. citizen living in the United States. As well, the federal law in immigration determines who enters, how long they can stay, and when to leave the United States. Becoming a resident to a citizen is a process of applications in acquiring certain requirements. For example, applying for a U-visa which is a U- nonimmigrant status focuses on victims of crime, human trafficking, and victims of domestic violence in becoming residents for refugee in the U.S.

The differences between a U-visa and Green Card are based on eligibility, being in the United States for a certain amount of time and having certain paperwork. A Green Card is an adjustment of immigrational status in becoming a permanent resident. The Green Card favors clients who have been living within the United states for at least three years or more. The steps in getting a green card is client has to have a visa to acquire any of the four green cards. The four green cards are Family based, employment based, Humanitarian, and Diversity lottery. Family-based go according to the title, a U.S citizen or green card holder can petition for an undocumented family member to receive permanent residence. An employment based green card is given to undocumented professionals with advanced degrees, Priority workers with outstanding research, Physicians, media workers, and Investors. Humanitarian green card is for refugees and asylees, human trafficking victims, and crime victims. Last but not least, The Diversity lottery green card which is a lottery pool of 500,000 people being randomly selected from indicated six geographical regions.

A U-visa must be required before obtaining a green card to become a legal permanent resident to having a full citizenship. The idea of a U-visa is to help victims of certain crimes who have suffered mental and/or physical abuse. U-visa is a foundation of providing the necessary resources and given refuge in the United States. Most importantly help immigrants who are providing information and resources to law enforcement/ government officials in prosecution of criminal activity. the application has to be certified by a law enforcement agency. The U-visa application can be obtained without being in the United States as for a green card the client has to reside in the states.

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